Donate a Wish List item

Please consider donating items from the lists below:

  • Capri Suns
  • Sprite Zero
  • Cookies
  • Paint Paper for children’s art projects
  • Paint for children’s art projects such as tempera, acrylic, finger paint, puffy or glitter.
  • Construction Paper
  • New markers or crayons
  • Bottled Water (individual size)
  • Paper towels
  • Copy paper
  • Zip-lock bags (all sizes)
  • Paper plates
  • Paper cups
  • Acid free photo album supplies
  • Gift certificates to Wal-Mart, Sam’s, department stores, grocery stores
  • Grocery store/Wal-mart gift cards (for family events food and supplies)
  • Michael’s gift cards (to purchase craft items and decorations for family events)


Volunteers are the heart of the program.  They are extensively trained to work in the groups, make families feel at home and support the work of the program.

Interested in being a volunteer?  Call Dr. Doyle Hamilton at (770) 344-0310 or email him at